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Our Story

Zseven Consulting was the brainchild of Ms. Mona, a Measurement and Cost Engineer who is also an avid researcher, published academic and a passionate advocate for sustainable green construction. After working with several companies as an independent consultant, she realized that only very few companies invested in sustainable construction practices and project management as they were considered elite. In reality, good construction practices are not just the right of the large and established companies, but benefit the smaller companies just the same. With an aim to make sustainable construction accessible to all, Ms. Mona set out to do her bit for the industry with Zseven Consultancy. 

“Zseven Consultancy was built on a firm foundation of years-worth of research and industrial knowledge. This is our strength and our driver towards success. “

What We Offer- project care

Our goal is simple- to provide cost management, project management and sustainable construction services to enhance efficiency in the built environment. It is more than just management- it is all-round project care making sure that construction projects are healthy. 

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